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By Rob on 19th Aug 2012 @ 04:27PM
This is a small application to generate iCal (*.ics) files from shift patterns which are odd in nature. For example someone who works Days, Days, Nights, Days, Nights, Rest, Nights, Rest would struggle to produce this calendar pattern as standard in most calendar services. This can be expressed with iCalShiftGenerator and then loaded into popular calendar services such as Google Calendar.

Here's a screenshot of the application:

Requirements: You'll need .NET 4 Full Profile for this, don't worry though, the installer will install it for you if you've not got it installed.

File: iCalShiftGenerator.exe (904.18 KB) - Version:
Icon Image Last Updated: Sunday, 19 August 2012 16:49:37
MD5: 13C72D53D65C48F2EAA730F893A3E85B
SHA1: 26C846FE20132FC09F18259E5BF1DCAADFF4A04A

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