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By Rob on 05th Dec 2015 @ 04:14PM
Visual Studio Macros were really useful weren't they? Sadly they are no more. VSCodeTransformer is a neat alternative.

This one is a little experimental and I've thrown it together quickly for release to see if it's useful to anyone. If so I might put more effort into it in future. So if you enjoy it, let me know.

VSCodeTransformer gives you a very simple interface to executing .NET macros you can run over your code.

Want to put regions round all your methods at the press of a button? Easy.
Want to re-order all your code elements, simple!
Want to ensure all your summaries have caps? No problem.

The simple Transformer interface passes you the string of the active code file (or selection if present) and you can do whatever you like with it and pass it back. Simple!

There's also a neat CsDocument parser that will do very basic document parsing to aid you with modifying the document to your needs.

Screenshots of the application:


- Download the file, install the VSIX.
- Extract the macros project, open it in Visual Studio.
- Build the macros project
- On the Tools menu in VS, select "VS Code Transformer" > "Show All Transforms"
- Pick the DLL you built as your macros assembly.
- Ok the dialog.

Useful things to do:

- Map a key binding to the "Expand Line" feature if you use shorthand code blocks. [Alt + E]?
- Map key bindings to "Run Transform X". This runs the mapped transform in the list window on shortcut press. I map these to Alt+1, Alt+2, etc.

Note: Expand line will add braces to single line code blocks (within reason).

Requirements: You'll need Visual Studio 2015 (Any Version)

File: VSCodeTransformerV1_1.zip (328.73 KB) - Version: 1.1
Icon Image Last Updated: Saturday, 05 December 2015 16:13:09
MD5: 1E2BD73DCCEAB92AE6E8C732ABE7576
SHA1: 7670274B20320DDCE35E837A05F7BF8A5F4CCA
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