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By NullCityAdmin on 22nd Jun 2012 @ 12:57AM
PixelArt Whiteboard is a networked whiteboarding application specifically designed for pixel artists. It sports a powerful user-interface, but maintains simplicity through only providing the controls and tools needed by pixel artists.

The application allows pixel artists and project coordinators to collaborate in a seamless environment where everyone with edit privileges can edit a canvas at the same time. It also provides a way for artists to show off their creations to spectators as they are being produced.

Here are some screenshots editing the Zero character from the Megaman game series (© Capcom):

Here's a list of just some of the features present in PixelArt Whiteboard.

• Simple tools: Pencil, Flood Fill, Line, Rectangles, Ovals, Clear.
• Supports framed animation per art asset.
• Server maintains multiple art assets simultaneously.
• Clients can open multiple documents at the same time.
• Clients can spectate art side by side.
• Server password protection.
• Optionally publish your server, others can view it in the global server browser.
• Server administrators can set privileges (add/edit/spectate art).
• Server administers can allow guests to join and watch or edit.
• Artwork saved as PNG on server, frame by frame for easy access.
• Global swatch. Anyone who can edit can amend the swatch (and load/save).
• Preview window with animation playback controls and zoom.
• Global chat interface with history.
• Uses DirectX, so zooming in and around your art is lightning quick.
• Dockable, scalable, detachable, collapsible user interface.

Requirements: You will need both the .NET Framework v4 and XNA v4 installed to use PixelArt Whiteboard. Both of these components will be downloaded and installed by the installer if you do not already have them installed on your machine.

File: PixelArtWhiteboard.exe (1.37 MB) - Version: 0.9
Icon Image Last Updated: Friday, 06 July 2012 23:57:22
MD5: D4BD46149534AE87737FAC18A9BBB9E6
SHA1: 13262520796EB23DDDC6A66988ECC766598D6F11
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