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By RobHutchinson on 03rd May 2009 @ 03:10AM
Null City Software was set up as a place to provide free and licenced software.

At the moment Null City consists of a single developer - me (Rob Hutchinson), writing software in my spare time. I've been writing software now for over 16 years. I've written some interesting software in that time, most of which no one has ever really seen other than Protean IDE. Which at it's high point had about 400 registered users.

With Null City the goal is basically to create a place on the web to put the good bits of software I write, so that others can use and share the software.

At the moment, everything here is written in Microsoft .NET 4. So if you want to use any of it, you're going to have to install that. However if you keep on top of your Windows Updates then there's a pretty good chance you already have it.

Anyway, enjoy the software and the rants.
If you find any of it useful, let us know by contacting us here.
Rob - Null City Admin
Null City Software
Null City is dedicated to developing top quality sofware products for Windows PC, XBox and Windows Phone. We specialise in games and .NET applications & components.