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By RobHutchinson on 12th Feb 2011 @ 01:36AM
I've been a bit quiet around these parts of late.
Fear not, I've not stopped working on Kitae - it's been a long time coming but lots of other projects have gotten in the way, some of which have unavoidably had to take precedence. Most importantly, this site is getting revamped from the ground up, with a new design and back end. Unfortunately this does mean that all forum posts, accounts and, well, basically everything will be nuked come nullpocalypse day. Again, fear not though, everyone who has already signed up for Kitae testing will not be left out of the loop and we still have all the testing request forms. However those who do begin to test Kitae will need to sign up again. The signup process will use OpenID and hopefully will be even easier than it was before.

For the time being, those who were keen to test Kitae, I'm sorry but you will have to wait just a bit longer. I can't release another version of Kitae until the new site is complete, as I'd like people to post about Kitae in the new forums.
Rob - Null City Admin
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